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LaShone Wilson, the CEO and Founder of One Breath at a Time Health and Wellness Services, LLC is committed to giving back to the residents of the DMV. With the help of the community, One Breath successfully hosted it's first annual Women's Empowerment and Wellness Forum for underserved women and their children Saturday, June 27th 2015 at the Hill Center. The forum was offered to participants free of charge and served as an educational and inspirational platform for holistic wellness and empowerment. The forum also serves as an opportunity to network with service providers, businesses and like minded people.

March 2018, One Breath hosted an empowerment workshop for young girls ages 12 to 16 years old. This workshop served as a physical demonstration and conscious awareness to the cry of our young girls basic right and need for internal and external safety. Wellness professionals, school administrators, parents and young girls were brought together for mindful movement, healthy nourishment, and supportive dialogue on safety. The safe and nourishing space allowed acknowledgement, respect and witnessing of each young girl, her story and evolution.

All events hosted by One Breath at a Time are planned with YOU- the community in mind.

We invite you to go to contact us at and let us know what services, forums and events are wanted and needed.

Words of Wisdom

No one is useless in the world if he lightens the burden of another.

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