One Breath at a Time



Our Feet- There are 7,200 nerve endings in the feet- one  of the  highest  concentrations anywhere in the body.  These nerves supply information to the central nervous system.

What is reflexology?  Reflexology is one of the only healing disciplines of the feet, hands and ears to control and regulate physical processes  throughout the body . It is a physical manipulation of the feet that stimulate the nervous system and open energy pathways that may be blocked or congested.    Reflexology can address an array of physical, life-style and emotional disturbances such as the common cold,  restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, constipation, pain, and much more.  It promotes a general sense of relaxation, reduces the  likelihood of illness and helps the body maintain its' dexterity and locomotion ability. 

What makes reflexology different from a massage? Reflexology is an all encompassing treatment. All organs, glands, and the skeletal system can be stimulated through the  feet and hands. This makes it very efficient. There are personal self-help reflex exercises that can be done at home and between sessions that only take a few minutes. These short self-care sessions often provides immediate results. 

How often should I have a reflexology session?  For those who want an intensive exploration, reflexology is suggested once per week for 6 to 8 weeks. For  the average client who wishes to use reflexology as a form of wellness maintenance, it is suggested once every  two weeks- no less than once per month. Reflexology is  especially supportive  doing the change of the season and intense physical and or emotional stress because it boost the immune system.


Single signature session - This personalized reflexology therapy session is (1) hour. It includes a detoxifying foot bath with Epson salt, coconut oil and lavender.

Single Signature Session - $55.00

Single  Spa  Session -  This personalized reflexology therapy session is 75 minutes.  It includes a detoxifying  foot  bath with Epsom salt, coconut oil, and a guided meditation.  This session also includes the healing therapy of castor oil and rose quartz pressure point tools to deepen the experience. Afterwards, you will  receive a medicinal blended  loose leaf  tea that compliments your session. 

Single Spa Session - $65.00

Mini signature session- This reflexology therapy session is 30 minutes. It includes foot cleaning with organic wipes and a general balance and relaxing reflexology protocol. This session is great for the person with little time yet in  need of a physical and emotional stabilizer. 

Mini signature session - $38.00

Deluxe healing package- This group of personalized reflexology sessions includes (3) 75 minute sessions w/ intention setting and a detoxifying foot bath with Epsom salt and coconut oil. It also includes  the healing therapy of castor oil and rose quartz pressure points to deepen the experience. The client will enjoy a herbal blended  loose leaf  tea  after the session. The client will be given a complimentary herbal blended tea to take home as well as some techniques for self-support. 
It is best that these sessions are scheduled (1) week apart and on a day when the  client can relax.

Deluxe healing package - $195.00