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Yoga and Mindful Movement is intrinsically good for every body-especially the bodies of children who are still developing, growing and learning how to move in space and time. Yoga improves balance, flexibility, coordination and body awareness in children.

LaShone Wilson, the CEO and Founder of One Breath at a Time, LLC creates dynamic curriculums with enough flexibility to effectively teach yoga, mindfulness and social emotional skills to children of varying ages, physical capabilities and learning styles. This includes children with ADHD and Autism. Each curriculum engages the whole child and places emphasis on stress reduction, self-regulation, increasing natural range of motion, balance, and the use of breath as a source of present moment awareness and empowerment. Children are encouraged to be creative and have fun while exercising their cardiovascular and respiratory system. Yoga poses are safely taught and are often done to music with fun, positive and educational messages. The curriculum also promotes constructive ways to relate to self and others, solve problems, self-regulate and make healthy choices. Hundreds of children in the DC Public Schools benefits from One Breath at a Time mindfulness programming. That number continues to increase. The curriculum is also used to help underserved children learn healthy ways to live, create, be empowered and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them.

One Breath at a Time, LLC host children's yoga parties, children/family movie nights, and soon to start a children's book club-Reading is Yogamental.

The ultimate goal of One Breath at a Time, LLC Children's Program is to develop mindful individuals and leaders conducive to experiencing a quality filled life and creating a healthier and better world to live in.

Words of Wisdom

Modeling behavior is the most effective way to teach. Talk less, model more.

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