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I am an Educator and Change Agent at the Core of my being. Partnering with others to facilitate desired change is my life's purpose. I consciously step into that purpose one breath at a time. I bring to you a healing presence that is continuously cultivated. I am an active participate in my wellbeing. This allows me to be present with you in ways uncommon in partnerships and effective in life-style transformation.

I am an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, Speaker and Yoga and Mindful Living Teacher who intuitively integrates self-care modalities. I am professionally trained in behavioral change and evidence-based methodology. I have a Master's Degree and certification in Health and Wellness Coaching. I am certified to teach children's yoga-including children with unique needs such as Autism and ADHD. I am a certified Integrative Reflexologist. I am also a certified Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher. I am trained in Trauma Informed Yoga, Neuro-Yoga, Mind and Body Medicine, Fertility Yoga, Pilates, Hot Barre, Aroma touch Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, and Reiki Level. 

My commitment to a healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation has taken me to India for additional training. Training in India enabled me to integrate the authentic practice of the yogic philosophy into my programs and teachings. I continuously demonstrate harmony between effort and ease empowering clients to become more resilient, less stressed and empowered.  

The cumulative effect of my trainings and complimentary lifestyle empowers me with intimate knowledge and experience of resilience, present moment awareness, stress reduction and conscious creation. I work closely with young girls and women on creating internal and external safety, empowerment and self-determination.

I have been coaching, practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness for fourteen years. I collaborate with hospitals, therapeutic programs, schools and non-profit organizations teaching mindful living and wellness. I facilitate learning that supports sustainable change. I was honored in 2015 with the NAACP Hometown Champion Award for the work I do and the positive impact it has had with residents in the DMV and beyond. 

I am the CEO and Founder of One Breath at a Time Health and Wellness Services, LLC. One Breath at a Time is a socially conscious company with the mission to empower others through integrative coaching, mindfulness and healthy living . I hosts educational forums, workshops and community events on self-care and conscious change. I am an active participate and cooperative component in educating the public on the benefits of integrative health ad wellness coaching.  


"The best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all of your intelligence, all of your enthusiasm on doing today's work superbly today. This is the only possible way you can prepare for the future".    Sir William Osler  

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