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Reading Is Yogamental: The Whole Body Approach



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Welcome to One Breath at a Time Mindful Living and Wellness Services.

Our goal is to develop partnerships where mental, emotional and physical health are prioritized resulting in a stress reduced and quality filled life.  We recognize that being disease free is the first tier of health. Our partnership includes lifestyle and behavioral change that improvesresiliency, self-regulation, social and emotional skills as well as the development of an energized body capable of natural range of movement. 

Our approach is simple and effective. We create a safe space, so clients have the freedom of being themselves and unfolding at their pace. We listen and support clients in their autonomy. We are continually trained in the developing sciences of neuroscience, emotional and relational intelligence, integrative coaching and mindful ways of thriving.  We do not believe one size fits all. As a result, we tailor our health and wellness programs to fit the client's needs. Lastly, our staff makes daily lifestyle choices that support their personal well-being. This allows us to partner from experience, in a state of wellbeing, with compassion and in total trust of the services we provide. 

The quality of our services, your experience and overall wellness are our top priorities. We provide both virtual and in-person ​yoga, meditation, trauma informed classes, mindfulness sessions and behavioral and lifestyle coaching. We specialize in women's wellness and empowerment as well as the social and emotional development of children, youth and teens. We also work with companies to bring the concept of wellness into the professional environment. 

Being well is a result of consistent and directed choices.   It is the best gift you could ever give yourself. Let us partner with you to develop a more quality filled life.  


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